Make Interest Daily

Make Interest Daily

Finding money for small accounts.


Real interest for real world balances

Ever read the popular money advice books that have been out for years? Most repeat the same principles…budget, reduce expenses, pay off debt, save. An ancient map to riches. Nothing you haven’t heard before. These are the pillars of financial growth and sound principles of money management. Then come the magic words of ‘compound interest’ with tables of growth that dazzle our minds. Sound familiar? And it’s true, sort of.

For years we followed the tried and true pattern relentlessly. We read the books, had a few stumbles here and there but no major derailments. Yet the bountiful riches never appeared. Where had we gone wrong? We would regroup, create a new budget and buckle down on expenses with added determination to save more. Same results, limited success. After many frustrating attempts we realized that those books offered sound advice but that advice was incomplete.

Something was missing.

Don’t get us wrong, the money available is real but elusive. The treasure map is great but it’s not enough. Those popular money books show us the path but give us no real tools to get to the treasure. We need the right tools.

In our search we found that there are many tools to get the job done. Unfortunately all of the tools are made for hefty bank accounts. The things needed to substantially grow the everyday balances that most people have didn’t exist.

So we made new ones.

Real people want to invest in something more. Now you can.



➤ rates

2.5% - 30%



Areas of Focus

simple math

We constantly hear the term ‘compounding’ when it comes to saving. However, standard savings accounts don’t grow money. Most small accounts (under $10k) earn a paltry sum in the ballpark of 2% if you’re lucky. It takes about 5 years to earn just 10% ($1,000) at that rate. That’s not compounding. That’s ridiculous.

Borrow to earn

We believe everyone deserves a chance to start somewhere. What if you don’t have money to invest? Is there an alternative? We offer special programs that allow beginners to borrow money for growth. You won’t make as much as those with cash but it’s a safe way to start growing your own money tree.

High yield savings

People are doing a better job of saving than ever before. But where are the right opportunities to grow that carefully acquired nest egg? The world of commerce is ever expanding and evolving. That’s where we come in. Our networks provide options to grow your money with real returns in low risk ways.


Very few understand that money is usually accumulated in distinct phases. Learning to identify where the economy is and where you are will help you maximize your growth potential now and in years to come. Not every opportunity is right all the time. We can help you figure out where you need to be now.

start small

All our clients start with small accounts. $500-$5,000. Why? Money is personal and you need to feel safe about the relationship. We will work jointly to build trust together. Once both of us are comfortable you will be given additional options for growth. If the relationship thrives so do your returns.

Business strategy

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires capital to grow. We fund specific projects and customer inventory orders that guarantee a profit not a loss. With the consistent introduction of varying revenue streams and distribution channels mixed with proper education the opportunity for profit grows.


It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority.
— John Templeton



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